It bears repeating...the BEST quilt is a DONE quilt

Every quilter I know has at least one UFO (unfinished object). These UFOs take up too much room and may keep you from starting new projects because you feel guilty about the accumulating pile of blocks and tops. Worst of all, they are an annoying reminder of gifts that were never given. (Of course, you always have the option of giving that baby quilt to your first grandson... even if he's 25 now.) 

The best way to guarantee your satisfaction with your finished quilt is to bring well-prepared backings, battings, and quilt tops. See "Prepping your quilt" below for suggestions. Quilt preparation service is also available.  



  • Cut and remove all excess thread on both sides of the quilt top and backing. 
  • Press the quilt top & backing, and also the batting if necessary. 
  • Both the batting and backing should measure 6-8" longer and wider than the quilt top; e.g., the batting and backing for a 90”x108” top must measure at least 96”x114,” but preferably 98"x116" 
  • Trim all quilt top edges even & indicate the top with a safety pin. 
  • Secure all edge seams -- tension from the frame will pull edge seams open if they are not secured. 
  • Square up the backing -- if your backing is not square it will not roll up properly, causing sags and puckers that are unavoidable. 
  • If the backing needs to be pieced, cut off selvages if there are any, and sew together with a 1/2” seam allowance. VERY IMPORTANT – make sure all backing seams are ironed open. 
  • Don’t baste your quilt in any way. 
  • Wait to add all embellishments (buttons, charms, pins, etc.) until after the quilt has been quilted. 
  • Pin a label indicating the “top” of the quilt front and back. 
  • No sheets or drapery linings for backings. 



Quilter's Dream batting is available for purchase - 100% cotton select loft and 100% wool are kept on hand; see for a list of other types of battings and lofts that can be ordered.